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Prague’s downtown is simply splendid! It has its “genuis loci” (spirit of the city) combined with modern technologies (like eco-scooters   . Prague 1 is totally walkable and during your trip you will not see 2 similar buildings, we promise!

List of sights you cannot miss

Here are must-see tourist sights in Prague (you can cover them during our 2,5 hour tour or most of them in 1,5 hour tour):

  • Powder Tower & Municipal House

  • Letna Metronome Panorama

  • Prague Castle Panoramic Point

  • John Lennon’s Wall

  • The Smallest Street on Earth

  • Swans with river view

  • New Town City Hall

  • Wenceslas Square

  • Kampa Island

  • National Theatre

  • Dancing House

  • Mosaic House

  • Old Town Square

  • Rudolfinum

  • Riverbank

  • Charles Bridge


Prague City Center

Czech Language

Hi! Bye! – Ahoj! [a-hoy] Čau! [tcha-u] Nazdar! [na-zdar] Čus! [tchus]
Thanks! –
Díky! [dee-kee] Dík! [deek]

Please – Prosím [pro-seem]
Beer –
Pivo [pee-vo]

Bill – Účet [u-tchet]
Yes! –
Ano! [ano] No! – Ne! [neh]

Cheers! – Na zdraví! [na-zdra-vee]

I love you - Miluji tě [mee-loo-yee tiee]

Czech food is famous for it's simplicity - meat, cheese, potatoes (and beer, of course). Here is the list of most famous Czech dishes you will need to try:

  • Vepřové Koleno (pork leg/pork knuckle) - served with horseradish and mustard. Big enough for 1-2 people (in Ferdinanda restaurant you will get a 2 kg portion!). Prices vary from 8€ up to 20€.

  • Smažený sýr (fried cheese) - try Eidam version of it and ask for a tatarská omáčka (tartar sauce)

  • Vepřo-knědlo-zelo (Roast pork with dumplings and cabbage) - often considered as the most typical Czech dish.

  • Guláš s knědlíky (stew with dumplings) - nice & hearty meal.

  • Nakládaný hermelín (pickled Camembert) and Utopenec (pickled sausage) are great for your Czech beer!

  • Svíčková na smetaně (roast sirloin in sour cream sauce) a classic Czech dish, illustrated on the photo

  • Pečená kachna se zelím a knedlíky (roast duck with dumplings and cabbage) - yep, we add dumplings everywhere! Very tasty, by the way.

  • Trdelník (a spit cake, kind of) - pastry made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix. You will find it on every corner of Prague!




Dalai Lama

Czech Beer

Czech beer is truly awesome! It does not matter whether it's černé, světlé, ležák, granát or nefiltrované - it is just amazing! Try our TOP 8 beers and fall in love as we did!

  • Pilsner Urquell - classic lager

  • Staropramen - try non-filtered one

  • Kozel - back in black!

  • Krušovice - the most award-winning beer!

  • Budweiser - original "Bud" beer

  • Primátor - a family brewery product

  • Svijany - a small town brewery lager

  • Bernard - another family business from the 16th century


But what you really need to do is to visit a micro-brewery! There are at least 5 good of them (which are listed below). Only there you will feel the real beer!

By they way, if beer costs more than 2€ (50 CZK) - get out! Unless it is a micro-brewery or a faancy restaurant.

Czech Food

Important Tips

Please read the following text carefully, it will help you

Public Transport

You can buy tickets in special yellow machines (tickets are valid for metro, bus, tram, funicular and some ferries). 24 CZK (30 min), 32 CZK (90 min), 110 CZK (24 hrs), 310 CZK (72 hrs). Please make sure you validate your ticket – there are small yellow boxes, just put your ticket in it and it will print all needful info.

Czech Restaurants

Most of the restaurants are open till 11PM-1AM but hot meals are usually served until 10-11PM. Bars (and hospoda’s – pubs) are open every day at least till 1AM or till the last client. If you want to tip, common amount is 5-10% of your bill.

Be Careful

Prague is amazing but it also has some traps. For example, you never exchange money on the street – you will be ripped off. Exchange them in Arab exchange offices instead (we will show you in the office) and always double check your invoice. We also recommend you watching your pockets, better safe than sorry.

Parking in Prague

You can park your car only on white lines (so called violet zone). If you found one (which can be veeery hard), it will cost you approx. 25 EUR! Of course, do not leave anything valuable inside. Alternatively, you could park in a garage - use or since it can be cheaper and safer for sure.












And yes, we agree! We love Prague’s stairs but we’d rather drive e-scooters to save time and our poor legs :)

"Prague is like vertical venice - steps everywhere!"

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